About Us  


 In 1991 Jahan Shimi Company was established in Tehran. In the early years of establish supplying and providing laboratory and industrial chemicals especially for food industries, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, water treatment and also laboratory materials required by universities and research institutions was our main proceeding.

From 2001 Jahan Shimi Co. in order to develop its activities, Import of chemicals and laboratory materials of the European countries placed on top of its work. So it altered from a supplier and seller to an importer.

Now,Jahan Shimi's  most imports is from  the UAE , India and China. After these countries, South Korea, Turkey, Japan, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia are in the next order .

Now, companies from China and India are our copartners. In the near future, companies from Turkey, UAE, Qatar and Azerbaijan with Jahan Shimi Company will cooperate closely.

Jahan Shimi Company is ready to cooperate with every company in the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries in investment and sales of chemicals in Iran. We are ready to negotiate with favorable bilateral conditions  with the investors esteemed.


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